Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Despicable Me! (Click photos to enlarge.)

This cake was a real test to my patience, my tenacity, my devotion, my lack of experience - and to my poor posture!  I’m slow at modeling characters in general, but I'm especially slow when they are actually supposed to resemble someone – so each one took about 5 hours. That's about 20 neck-crunching hours just to sculpt the characters!  In the end, I wasn't particularly thrilled with their "likeness" to the actual movie characters, but I reminded myself that I'm still a rookie and these ARE made of sugar! I couldn't find a “Despicable Me” cake anywhere on the web (that was what I was looking for) as inspiration, so I just pulled the basic design from the the DVD cover.  I wanted to cover the sides of the bottom tier with the rooftop design of the houses (see my draft in the drafts gallery), but time just didn’t allow for it. My little girl made a "stuffed crust pizza" for this cake, and I really wanted to find a way to incorporate it into the theme, so I decided all the children could hold something edible.  Edith got the pizza and Margo and Agnes got the lollipop and cotton candy from the scene where they return home from the amusement park. As always, everything is edible! I thought it was really unique and endearing that “Despicable Me” is little Bryson’s favorite movie, being as he's really just a baby.  Isn't that adorable?  Happy first birthday, Bryson - I like the way you think!
(Love the icing on the toes!)


  1. Y'all, my sweet and very dear friend, Peggy, created this masterpiece birthday cake for my Bryson's First Birthday celebration. She pays such close attention to the minute details and that paired with the DELICIOUSNESS of her cakes is what puts her leaps and bounds above others who do fondant cakes. She creates these special request and made to order. Please check her out. You will definitely be impressed!! Thank you, Peggy for your labor of love. ♥ ♥ ♥ ~Wendy (a/k/a Bryson's Ya-Ya)

  2. Hi Peggy,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely LOVE this cake! Everything looks exactly like how it looked in the movie! This is a real work of art :)

    P.S: I am your newest follower, I am looking forward to seeing your new creations!


  3. Hi, I had the same problem coming up with a design for a Minion only cake (unfortunately the birthday girl didn't want any of the other characters). So I watched the film (purely for research!!)and decided to make the toppers when they were in disguise (when they go to the supermarket in the film). I love your cake and Gru is fabulous! Mine is on Flickr/ Cake Central etc under the username 'the4manxies'. Cheers Debs x


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