Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ebony may or may not be a pole dancer, but the girl on her cake sure is one. (Click to enlarge photos.)

This cake was, by far, the most difficult cake I've made to date. I re-did so many areas of this cake, including the "dancer" numerous times! I redid her body about 5 times and her face at least 3. Once I spent 2 hours on her face and then dropped it and ruined it. Total hours spent on the final face is about 5 hours! Total hours invested in this cake from start to finish is about 23! I learned a lot doing this one and had a blast making it (except for a few choice words and a couple of tears at the mistakes I made). White almond sour cream wedding batter with vanilla bean buttercream icing and fondant decor. Everything is edible, except the interior of the pole, which is a fondant-covered dowel.


  1. WOW Peggy! GREAT job girl!! I'm sure the birthday girl loved it too! =)

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