Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Molly wanted to design a cake. (Click photo to enlarge)

Molly, age 12, wanted to "design" the cake for a big 4th of July bash. I baked it, torted it, filled it, iced it, smoothed it, and piped the buttercream border. Molly designed the cake on paper, then prepared all the fondant, then applied all the fondant by herself. Although I piped the buttercream border, she told me how she wanted it to look. I would have probably put more stuff on this cake (more fondant, a top border, etc.), but Molly is somewhat of a "minimalist." White almond sour cream cake with two different fillings: caramel buttercream and whipped vanilla buttercream. It was a big hit and was devoured.

Kudos Molly!


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