Friday, July 16, 2010

Parker's Dora Cake (click photos to enlarge)!

Parker might only be 3, but she knows what she wants!  A "Dora the Explorer" cake (with Dora actually wearing a sombrero) for her big birthday "fiesta"!  I was armed only with that information and a generic sample of the "style" of her party invitation (not her actual invitation, just a sample of it).  That was all I had for use in designing this cake.  

I love it when I get to bake for friends who let me do pretty much what I want.  Cake is three layers of white almond sour cream with vanilla bean butter cream icing.  The accents are all custom made by hand in fondant.  Everything is edible except the wires in the exploding stars on top.  The confetti was a painstaking technique and I spent over 2 hours with a tiny paint brush applying every speck individually.  I absolutely LOVED making this cake.  

Happy birthday, Parker!  Senora Lee needed a siesta after making this cake for you!


  1. Not only was this cake cute; it was especially yummy. Perfect with vanilla ice cream!


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