Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome Baby Henley! Willow Nursery Bedding Cake (click photos to enlarge).

This is the second cake I've done in 2 weeks that was for a baby shower, for a baby boy, and that was to be designed to match the nursery bedding.  This bedding is called "Willow" and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make this cake.  It's so easy to make a cake girly, but when it comes to doing a cake for boys, there's always a fine line between what works and what doesn't.  I debated the bow on top, and in the end, thought it fit nicely.  Buttercream icing on the outside with all fondant decor. Cake itself was WASC with two different fillings: vanilla bean buttercream and whipped caramel buttercream.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jade Turned 4: Minnie Mouse!

I've been desperately wanting to make a Minnie Mouse cake since I started baking earlier this year.  Finally had the opportunity this week.  Dark chococate cake with whipped chocolate buttercream filling.  White buttercream on the outside so that we could do white and hot pink.  All edible fondant decor except the paper lollipop sticks holding up the ears (glued with white chocolate).  Happy birthday little Jade!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Molly's Lamp Cake (Mod Pod Pop Monkey Cake). (Click photos to enlarge.)

Here's the cake I made this week based on the Mod Pod Pop Monkey baby bedding. As my post below says, I used the lamp for design inspiration. White Almond sour cream batter with whipped vanilla bean butter cream icing and fondant accents.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Donna Turned 60! (Click to enlarge.)

This cake was for Donna's surprise 60th birthday and they were expecting a crowd of over 100. I torted TWO 3" deep 12" cakes and TWO 3" deep 8" cakes into 4 layers each tier, so this was pretty big for a birthday cake! Just the bottom tier alone fed 70 people!  Iced with Sharon's "Sugar Shack" icing and filled with a sweeter, whipped buttercream. I fell in love with Sharon's icing - it was like spreading a miracle.  My only mistake was that I made it a day in advance and by the time I used it the next night, it had started to crust a bit and wasn't nearly as creamy (I did remix it on low, but it just wasn't quite the same). Next time I'll make it just when I actually need it.  Client selected the color and design and provided the gorgeous silver cake plate.  I loved it so much that I promptly ran out and bought one of my own!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jayce's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake (click photos to enlarge).

I have to stop referring to Jayce, my great nephew, as "Baby Jayce." He's offiically 2 years old now, so I guess that makes him officially a big boy. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and ever since the episode where they sang the "hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog" song, he has referred to Mickey (and the show in general) as "hot dog."  So my heart pitter-pattered last night when he pointed to his cake and said "Hot dog!!" Our family all met at a local Mexican restaurant and Jayce couldn't keep his hands off this thing from the minute he saw it.  He had all the fondant accents picked off it (and half of them in his mouth) within about the first 5 minutes of sitting down at the table.  Guess it didn't help that we put it right in front of him!  Cake was WASC with whipped caramel butter cream filling.  Although we had enough cake to serve 42 people and there were only about 20 of us, there still wasn't very much cake leftover.  I'll take that as a good thing!
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