Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green is a funny color for cupcakes. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Been a while since I made cupcakes. I took a day of vacation today and got a call around noon. It was a cupcake emergency. She needed them to be green and to have a "J' theme. Here's what I whipped up for her. I hate to brag, but these things were GOOD.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ebony may or may not be a pole dancer, but the girl on her cake sure is one. (Click to enlarge photos.)

This cake was, by far, the most difficult cake I've made to date. I re-did so many areas of this cake, including the "dancer" numerous times! I redid her body about 5 times and her face at least 3. Once I spent 2 hours on her face and then dropped it and ruined it. Total hours spent on the final face is about 5 hours! Total hours invested in this cake from start to finish is about 23! I learned a lot doing this one and had a blast making it (except for a few choice words and a couple of tears at the mistakes I made). White almond sour cream wedding batter with vanilla bean buttercream icing and fondant decor. Everything is edible, except the interior of the pole, which is a fondant-covered dowel.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Parker's Dora Cake (click photos to enlarge)!

Parker might only be 3, but she knows what she wants!  A "Dora the Explorer" cake (with Dora actually wearing a sombrero) for her big birthday "fiesta"!  I was armed only with that information and a generic sample of the "style" of her party invitation (not her actual invitation, just a sample of it).  That was all I had for use in designing this cake.  

I love it when I get to bake for friends who let me do pretty much what I want.  Cake is three layers of white almond sour cream with vanilla bean butter cream icing.  The accents are all custom made by hand in fondant.  Everything is edible except the wires in the exploding stars on top.  The confetti was a painstaking technique and I spent over 2 hours with a tiny paint brush applying every speck individually.  I absolutely LOVED making this cake.  

Happy birthday, Parker!  Senora Lee needed a siesta after making this cake for you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Molly wanted to design a cake. (Click photo to enlarge)

Molly, age 12, wanted to "design" the cake for a big 4th of July bash. I baked it, torted it, filled it, iced it, smoothed it, and piped the buttercream border. Molly designed the cake on paper, then prepared all the fondant, then applied all the fondant by herself. Although I piped the buttercream border, she told me how she wanted it to look. I would have probably put more stuff on this cake (more fondant, a top border, etc.), but Molly is somewhat of a "minimalist." White almond sour cream cake with two different fillings: caramel buttercream and whipped vanilla buttercream. It was a big hit and was devoured.

Kudos Molly!
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