Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cake Tutorial: Watermark Your Cake Photos with Irfanview (Basic for Beginners)

Sorry for the horrible font changes and how tacky this tutorial looks, but I hope you can ignore that and get something from this!

First, download Irfanview from here.

Personally, upon install I like to select the option that allows all the pictures to open via Irfanview, but you don't have to go with that option.

Step 1: Using Irfanview, open the cake photo you want to watermark. If you’ve chosen at install to have all .jpg files open in Irfanview, this will happen automatically.

File/Open/Browse for correct .jpg file

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cake Tutorial: Smoothing Edges of Fondant Pieces!

Take 30 seconds and pat your finger over the edge of your fondant cut-outs. It will make a WORLD of difference in how “clean” your finished work looks.  A smooth edge is a happy edge!  :D

Oven’s on – I’ll be back soon!

~ Peggy

Cake Tutorial: Perfect Fondant Bow

So, my newest cake features a fondant bow and I’ve been asked over and over how I make it. The answer is simple: for all my bows, I follow the tutorial of my clever, talented, cakey bakey friend, Lesley.  

Visit her Facebook fan page here. Be sure to tell her you came from the "Peggy Does Cake Blog." 

You can watch her video tutorial here on Youtube or you can see this tutorial (and others) on her Facebook "Notes" page here.  

Check out all of her tutorials; there are several already posted and more are being added all the time. You will love her generous spirit, but more than that, you will love her gorgeous work.

Oven's on - I'll be back soon!

~ Peggy

Monday, October 3, 2011

Red Roses (Cake) for Rosalie!

I thought I’d done this swirly rose cake in every shade imaginable; and then I was asked to do it in red (click photo for a mega close-up view). This rose-thing is my favorite “fast” decorating technique. A cake like this can be crumbcoated and fully decorated in less than half an hour. Be warned though, I have (at least once) had TERRIBLE (nearly tragic) problems with my roses not adhering to the cake “long term” – so a word of advice to anyone who tries this: roses MUST be piped onto a fresh, wet crumbcoat. Do NOT let the crumbcoat even partially crust before piping. 

I’ve raved about the 1M tip before (see that post here) and yep, it’s still my favorite tip of all cake decorating tips! If you don’t have one, spend the $3 or so it costs to add this to your toolbox. You you won’t be sorry.

Happy birthday, Rosalie! I’m so happy you wanted red roses, as I think this is the prettiest color this cake comes in!

Special shout out to "i am mommy/i am baker" for her original tutorial that started this whole swirly rose craze. You can see said tutorial here.

Oven’s on – I’ll be back soon!

~ Peggy

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cake Tutorial: Easy Way to Remove a Decorating Tip from an Icing Bag!

Ever finished a cake and then fought with a greasy icing bag, trying to get the tip out?  If not, you're miles ahead of me!
Here's a super easy trick: with dry hands, pinch the tip back into the bag, snip the plastic end with scissors, squeeze the tip out.  This works with a coupler, too.  Simple!

Oven's on - be back soon!
~ Peggy
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