Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jan's Lazy River Cake (click photos for a bigger view).

This cake was for a friend who was going away for a little "getaway" with 7 girlfriends. They were going to a condo that had a "lazy river" and my charge was to make a cake depicting that. (A handful of middle-aged diva's floating the lazy river). Wow, this cake almost did me in. Prepare yourselves, because I'm posting a LOT of pictures of this cake, because honestly, it just didn't photograph well. I guess I figure if I post enough photos, maybe one of them will bear some kind of resemblance to the real cake. I plan to post more some photos of the actual ladies enjoying their vacation as soon as they return home. This cake was a double half sheet torted and filled with whipped caramel infused butter cream. Including the cake, filling, icing, and decorations, this baby contained 3 full pounds of butter, more than a pound of shortening, a pound of sour cream, 7 pounds of sugar, a cup and a half of heavy whipping cream, well over a dozen eggs, and more than 5 pounds of fondant on it. My daughter, Molly, age 12 (the world's harshest cake critic) didn't love this cake as much as I my husband and I did, but of all the cakes I've made so far, this is my personal favorite. Maybe because of the work that went into it - or maybe because of how ridiculous it is. Either way, this cake was what cake-making is supposed to be: FUN.

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