Monday, January 17, 2011

Run Run Rudolph (Click photo to enlarge)

I straight stole this cake from someone at my favoritest website in the world, cakecentral.  I didn't just borrow the idea, I borrowed the design:  verbatim.  It's an exact replica.  There are so many versions of this cake that have been done over and over on that site, that I'm not sure who did the original design.  But I'd like to thank them because it was super easy to do, it's silly, and it's ridiculous.  I took this cake to a family gathering and my darling nephew, Jayce (pictured below) giggled and giggled over it.  He did a real belly laugh and threw his head back and just giggled over it.  It was one of those sleepy giggles that he just couldn't stop, and I won't lie, my heart melted right there on the spot.  Man, if that's not the best payment you can get for a cake, I don't know what is.


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