Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barney Cake (click photos to enlarge).

I’m so far behind in getting my cakes posted. I’ll try hard in the next few days to catch up starting with today’s cake: Barney. I didn’t even realize Barney was still around until I got a request a few weeks ago to make a “Barney-themed” cake. He’s changed shades of purple about 8 times in the last two decades (not kidding, I really researched that). I went with the “old school” Barney, from back in the day (circa 1989, when he was still really purple and not fuchsia yet), because I thought the color looked nice with the party decor. I was worried that little Heidi Marie, age 2, wouldn’t recognize a 20 year old Barney - but I guess there aren’t that many purple dinosaurs to choose from, so she nailed it. Woo! This was double chocolate chip cake with whipped chocolate butter-creme filling and icing, covered in chocolate ganache, then finished with a layer of homemade marshmallow fondant. All 100% edible, as always.  
"Barney!!" Ahhh, music to my ears!
Heidi getting some sugies from her momma.

Oven's on. I'll be back soon!

~ Peggy

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