Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cake Update! Pool Party Cake for Jayce (click any photo to enlarge)

This little pair of eyes melts my heart. My great-nephew, Jayce, turned 3 last summer with a “splish splash” pool party. His momma, my niece, asked for a happy little cake in primary colors to match this invitation and then left the rest to me.

I finished the cake in crusting American butter cream on this one (in bright red and sky blue) instead of fondant just for the kid-friendliness of the butter cream. Accents were gum paste and fondant and all was edible except the embrella stem.
I used a cereal bowl to shape the umbrella (layed the gum paste it in it upside down for a couple days to get the basic shape) and then painted it with food color thinned with vodka. I was proud of myself for remembering to blush Mr. Sunshine’s cheeks with the tiniest bit of petal dust before finishing up.

Our sweet boy loved his cake. And like all little kids, once it was in front of him, that was it! He stuck his fingers right into that perfectly smoothed butter cream and immediately went to town on all the little pieces.


I love this sweet boy so much. Happy birthday, Jayce!!

I'm about six months behind in posting my cakes, which is why you're seeing a pool party post in February!  I'm going to try to update a few times a week and catch up, so be warned, more posts coming soon.

Oven's on.  Oven's ALWAYS on.  I'll be back soon!

~ Peggy


  1. What a gorgeous cake! I love your happy sun, and the cute little crab/lobster :o) Your little great-nephew is a lucky little boy! Fantastic job :o)

  2. I LOVE this! what an adorable cake, so well done! I'm so happy I jsut found your blog!


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