Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dawn Butler: Cake Airbrush Artist (with Special Thanks)!

Photo courtesy of Dawn Butler
I want to extend a giant, heartfelt thanks to Dawn Butler of Dinkydoodle Designs by Dawn Butler (pictured to the left) for generously sponsoring more than $1,600 worth of prizes in the Peggy Does Cake 75K giveaway earlier this month. If you don’t know Dawn, she’s more than just a benevolent prize donor! 

Photo courtesy of Dawn Butler
She’s also a talented cake designer, airbrush instructor, and author! She's been traveling the globe doing classes and impressively has a tutorial featured in the Fall Edition of Cake Masters Magazine!  Check out the free 'sneak peek' of that tutorial (and more!) in the magazine's fall issue HERE.

Photo Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine, with permission

If you didn't win an airbrush in my giveaway and you want one as desperately as I do, just send Dawn a quick message and she can definitely hook you up with some state-of-the-art equipment! Her custom systems are more affordable than you think; in fact, I was actually quite shocked at just how affordable.  This is on my Christmas wish list for sure, and since I've hardly been bad at all this year, I have my hopes up.

Photo courtesy of Dawn Butler

Thanks Dawn, for making this milestone so meaningful and fun - not just for me, but for my followers, and especially for my winners!


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