Saturday, August 7, 2010

Donna Turned 60! (Click to enlarge.)

This cake was for Donna's surprise 60th birthday and they were expecting a crowd of over 100. I torted TWO 3" deep 12" cakes and TWO 3" deep 8" cakes into 4 layers each tier, so this was pretty big for a birthday cake! Just the bottom tier alone fed 70 people!  Iced with Sharon's "Sugar Shack" icing and filled with a sweeter, whipped buttercream. I fell in love with Sharon's icing - it was like spreading a miracle.  My only mistake was that I made it a day in advance and by the time I used it the next night, it had started to crust a bit and wasn't nearly as creamy (I did remix it on low, but it just wasn't quite the same). Next time I'll make it just when I actually need it.  Client selected the color and design and provided the gorgeous silver cake plate.  I loved it so much that I promptly ran out and bought one of my own!


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