Sunday, September 11, 2011

Garrett's "Up" Themed First Birthday Cake!

Yes, I’m an adult. Yes, my favorite movie is “Up.” My very favorite movie! When it came to the local theater, I saw it twice. Once with my child, once without her (on a date with my husband).

So when I got the call from our long-time family friend, Leigha, asking if I could make an "Up" themed cake for her darling son Garrett's first birthday, I’m pretty sure I literally jumped up and down.  I had a full-on BLAST making this cake. I struggled with Russell - and 4 heads later (3 of which ended up in the garbage can), I finally just decided I'm quite rubbish at sculpting. There will be no "close up" shots of Russell on this post, that's for sure. Carl, on the other hand (pictured to the right), was super easy. Although this cake ranked somewhere among the top 5 most time-consuming cakes I’ve ever made, it's probably the one that is the most near and dear to my heart. Part of that is because of how much I loved the movie and part of that is because of how precious this family is - and what a joy it was to bake for them.

Look at Leigha and her adorable little man. I want to say he's a doll, but then I want to say so is she! I've known her since she was just a little girl. I can't believe the babies in my life have babies of their own.

I wish I could have tweaked the things I screwed up while decorating this cake because I wish it could have been as perfect in real life as it was in my MIND. I blame it on being so new to all of this. I wasn't unhappy with the end result, it was just so stellar in my dreams.

Happy birthday sweet Garrett. I hope your momma picks another Pixar movie for your next birthday and calls me to make it for you!  ;)

Oven’s on – I’ll be back soon.

~ Peggy


  1. One of my all-time favorite cakes! The workmanship, the attention to detail, the artistry, the creativity...all shows through. Phenomenal! :o)

  2. Fell in love with your cakes. They make mine seem like something a three-year-old did :D


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