Thursday, April 15, 2010

Minda's Tropical Hula Cake (click on photo to enlarge).

I was given the charge a couple days ago to make a tropical themed cake for young Minda, who was turning 14 and who was having a "Hawaiin luau" type bash.  No other real direction was given, which was really fun and liberating, but also, kinda' scary.  I had no idea what she wanted on it; a beach scene? a hula girl? a pig roasting on a spit? pineapples? palm trees? a totem pole? a tiki torch? flip flops?  a beach ball? The options were endless and I was sort of in overload about it.  I had no idea what I wanted to do and worse, didn't even know what colors I wanted to use.  Luckily for me, my very sweet, talented, clever little daughter (who, and this is completely pointless, happens to share Minda's birthday) helped me finalize my decision. Together we picked out the colors and worked out a design - something bright and somewhat simplistic, with just a few palms and enough flowers to hopefully look a bit like a lei going around the top.  We didn't want this cake to be too busy, because with the bright colors, we were scared it might look like your crazy Uncle's beach shirt.  Happy birthday Minda! 


  1. Dear Peggy, This cake was Amazing, it made the party. We had so many people ask who made it, how much does she charge, how long has she been doing cakes, what's her number? So Minda needless to say LOVED IT...and so did all the teenage girls who came to the party!! Great Job...Jessica


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