Sunday, April 18, 2010

Triple Chocolate Cake (click on photo to enlarge).

I made this for my daughter's 12th birthday. She didn't want one of my "fancy" cakes (as she put it), she just wanted a plain ol' chocolate layer cake. I grabbed this design from a Wilton book (I think).  It was originally the décor for a wedding cheesecake.  I baked the chocolate cake in triple layers, then filled it and iced them with heavy cream-infused whipped chocolate butter cream.  For the design on top, I melted dark milk chocolate into a jelly roll pan, then cooled it and carved it into triangles. Then I scrolled the filigree design onto each triangle in warm piped tempered chocolate with a number 3 tip.  I'd never played in tempered chocolate before... it's a tough medium. It took several hours just to make the top scrolled pieces, but I learned a lot and she's worth it. <3


  1. I love looking at the pictures of your cakes; except it makes me hungry for one. :o) Laurie.


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