Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chocolate on chocolate with chocolate ganache. (Click photos to enlarge pictures.)

I had my first reason to use ganache last week:  a chocolate butter cream on "chocolate chocolate-chip" cake to be decorated in pastel colors.  I didn't want to toss fondant on top of chocolate buttercream because I've done that before and it's messy - so I decided to finish my cake in buttercream, cover that with ganache, then cover the ganache with fondant.  Oh man, this was a decorator's dream.  So simple, so fast, so pain free.  After my practice cake, I did the "real" cake - my Barney cake (pictures to follow this post).  Here's photos of the practice cake (that I didn't bother to smooth).  This cake was a bit too rich for my liking, but my little girl, Molly, age 12, almost went out of her mind over it.  hehehe @ her!


  1. Could we have the recipe for this cake ? I'd sure love to bake it for my boys ! Thanks !

  2. Karinne, yes! I'll make it a new post very soon (maybe even this weekend). Thank you for asking!

  3. I would love to try this recipe also. I just love chocolate!!


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