Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chocolate Ruffle Cake (click photos to enlarge)!

Everyone knows tip 104.  The 104 has been around for 100 years.  My grandmother (God rest her soul) favored the 104 when she baked cakes in the 1960's and 1970's.  I, however, do NOT like butter cream roses, and therefore, have never needed the 104 (and have never pretended to be handy with it).  Until now. 

Thanks to this fantastic video tutorial, I finally found a use for it.  You can watch the tutorial here:

The tutorial suggests you make your ruffles with a Swiss or Italian Meringue butter cream, but I used a traditional chocolate crusting butter cream and it worked like a charm.  Just bagged it up, and ta da!  About 20 minutes later, cake was finished and I called it a day.  (Click cake photo for a larger, better view.)

Also, don't you adore my square "milk glass" cake plate?  Thanks to my wonderful, thoughtful friend, Debra, for dropping it by for no reason at all - just as a little "happy" - just because she's a doll.  The only thing happier than this gorgeous cake plate, is this chocolate ruffle cake sitting perfectly upon it!


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