Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jonas Brother Cupcakes? (Click to enlarge!)

I confess, when I was asked to make "Jonas Brother" cupcakes for my friend Maura's daughter's 17th birthday, I was completely stumped on what that would mean and what I could do.  I said, "Doesn't your daughter have a favorite color?  We could do that?"  Maura said, "Nah, not really."  I asked hopefully, "Does she have a favorite pet?"  Maura said, "Um, no, not really."  Pressing on, sure I could change her mind, I asked, "Well does she have a hobby?"  Maura said, "Not anything I can think of that we could easily turn into a cupcake."  "Does she have a favorite fashion "thing," a favorite number, does she loves shoes, purses, jewelry?  Does she have a favorite flower?"  I was basically begging at this point.  You don't have favorite flowers at 17.  (Red tulips for me, please, if anyone's interested.)  "Man, what does this kid like???"  "She loves the Jonas Brothers," Maura told me for the 10th time.  So Jonas Brothers cupcakes it was!  But what to do, what to do?  How do you turn a Disney boy band into a 17 year old young lady's birthday cupcakes?  I went Googling and found darling pink and aqua blue cupcakes using "edible images" (photos printed on edible paper).  I knew that was the ticket.  I ordered 6 little "purple/pink/blue" colored cupcake-sized edible photos and got busy making fondant flowers.  In the end, I was actually rather pleased with these.  Cupcakes were white almond sour cream with a really lovely caramel and hazelnut infused buttercream icing.  So hey, happy birthday, Bekka.  I hope you had fun biting the faces off Kevin, Joe, and Nick!  (I had to go to Wiki to find their names.)


  1. I formally request some Hanson petite fours. :-P

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