Friday, October 29, 2010

Talon's "Pumpkin Patch on Tour" Cake. (Click photos to enlarge!)

Oh man, this was seriously the most fun cake EVER.  This is definitely my favorite sized cake, an 8/6 in double layers.  It feeds a crew, but it's light enough to easily maneuver, short enough to easily transport, and small enough to quickly tort, fill, and frost.  I love to get the cake out of the way so I can go to town on the fondant, which, on this cake, was probably the most fun stuff I've ever made.  The chicken, the scarecrow, the curly vines, the pumpkins!!!  There is something magical about playing in hot orange fondant.  Of course I love the colors of fall anyway, whether it's fondant or the real outside. I guess if it's fondant, that's just a perk to a girl like me.  This cake was for my darling little nephew Talon.  I adore this kid and would shape tiny little tic-tac sized fondant eggs for him until the cows came home if it would make him happy.  I cheated and piped the fence from buttercream instead of cutting it from fondant, but I think it worked.  Erica, Talon's mom, really pushed for a blue cake, which I thought was utterly bizarre.  So glad she was firm on that, since I think it's what really made the cake special.  I swear white almond sour cream cake is NOT the only flavor cake I can bake... it's just happens to be the one most people want.  Tal's cake was WASC and it was filled and iced with a traditional buttercream.  Everything on the cake is edible except the wooden skewer holding up Miss Amanda's sign.  Special shout out to my many talented friends and acquaintences at for their constant support and inspiration.

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